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Your guide to medical cannabis and fibromyalgia

Your guide to medical cannabis and fibromyalgia

Might 12th is Global Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, which aims to garner understanding for the debilitating infection and developing treatments that aim to enhance patient’s well being. This year’s theme is “helping yourself while assisting others” – so for the reason that character, we might want to share our knowledge in the technology behind a appearing treatment plan for FM with promising results.

What exactly is it?

Fibromyalgia (fibro: Fibrous tissue, myo: muscle mass, algia: discomfort) is associated with chronic pain that is generalized though clients can also suffer Morning from additional symptoms including: tiredness and chronic fatigue tightness, recurrent headaches and intolerance to work out. Presence of fibromyalgia can be associated with additional incidence of depression and anxiety. It impacts anywhere from 2-10% regarding the basic populace and is 2-5 times more predominant than arthritis rheumatoid. Comparable to joint disease, it primarily effects females.

Present treatments are predicated on symptomatic relief, and can include over-the counter pain medication, antidepressants, massage, nutritional supplements plus some therapies that are alternative as acupuncture. Every one of that have modest outcomes.

How do medicinal cannabis assist? The technology as well as the stress

an growing treatment plan for fibromyalgia is cannabis-based treatment, particularly cannabis strains with CBD and THC.

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