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In this article, 9 Tools for Learning to Write the Alphabet

In this article, 9 Tools for Learning to Write the Alphabet

Listed here are nine tools that people find useful for learning how to write the alphabet, including a sand tray, electronic toys, Kindle apps, chalkboard and much more.

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My three-year old is currently learning to write the alphabet, and I also have found that a wide array of activities stop him from losing interest.


Chalkboards are particularly useful as letter attempts can be erased and easily retried. We use our homemade Chalkboard Tray.

Electronic Learning Toys

We don’t have many electronic toys but i will be a fan that is huge of Scribble & Write from Leapfrog. Users can select upper case or lower case, then the individual letter which they would like to write. The electronic screen lights up aided by the letter and shows how exactly to write it. There is certainly a stylus attached to the toy and every letter may be erased with a slider after practicing. It also has two difficulty levels!

I often find great workbooks within the dollar store or $1 parts of stores like Target. These add extra variety towards the learning process. This Leapfrog the one that I got from the dollar store also comes with reward stickers for completed pages.

To organize this activity I cut a piece of paper to match the within of a foil tray, then glued it to your base that is inside.

Then I poured in a few sand that is coarse however you may also use salt or sugar.

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