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Using the NACAC University Openings List I just looked at the NACAC range of universities applications that are still taking i’d like to use to a few. One of them (Bennington) already denied me. Are you able to re-apply given that they’ve spaces, or is that not acceptable? Additionally, that UConn was seen by me has openings. I’d like to apply there but as long as they are taking applications for my major — does the listing in the NACAC list indicate they are accepting applications for the school that is whole or is there usually just particular majors available?

You should email your admissions officer (the staff member who oversees applicants from your high school or your state) rather than reapplying since you were already denied at Bennington. The staff can be found by you projects here, if you do not know who your counselor is.

In your message, explain you are very eager to enroll that you were already denied but have seen that Bennington still has spaces open and. Add a listing of brand new achievements, new activities or honors, and improvements (in grades, test scores, etc.) because you initially used. Have a paragraph that explains why Bennington is suitable for you and vice versa. (play the role of specific; do not just state that there is a ‘good English department’ or ‘a breathtaking campus.’) Also point out what you should bring to the campus with you … e.g., leadership experience, variety, special skill in arts, academics, or athletics, atypical skills).

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