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Why Bay area? Metis Files Science Boot camp Expands to Second Town

Why Bay area? Metis Files Science Boot camp Expands to Second Town

Last week, we tend to kicked off of our first Data Knowledge Bootcamp around San Francisco, 7 days after our sixth around NYC initiated. On the w. coast, we are two to a great extent qualified Metis Sr. Facts Scientists around the helm: Laurie Skelly and Paul Burkard.

Laurie will be co-designer with the Metis program and generated a Ph. D. within neuroscience for the University of Chicago. She’s got since wholly commited full time to help data research and fairly recently spoke with Open Information Science Conference about your ex background and regarding teaching the actual San Francisco Boot camp.

Paul trained in physics and mathematics at DURCH before taking a job with a government data contractor wheresoever he performed groundbreaking assist large-scale written text analytics. Right after receiving a Masters in unit learning, he / she pursued a far more mainstream info science factor and spent the last few many years leading some sort of team building units on consumer and promoting data more than nearly the billion end users with Hadoop and AWS.

There are several motives we select San Francisco when our initially expansion location. In addition to this being the most significant market for data professionals in the world, “San Francisco is usually a hotbed for innovation around data science, ” said Metis Co-Founder Jason Tree. “The businesses based in San francisco bay area can be terrific places for our graduates to dedicate yourself.

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